… Bojwani, owner and boss of Eurobatt company, offering batteries and small home appliances has been in Poland for nine years. Previously he had traded with Poles living in Vienna, however Autria’s EU accession put difficulties onto it. That’s why he decided to move. “Poland was much consuming market” – he recalls. „We had sold not only batteries, but huge quantities of small appliances – walkmans, calculators, pens” – says Bojwani.

Three years ago Bojwani decided to focus on batteries. His plans include taking few millions of share of the Polish battery market. Not long ago he signed a contract with the Polish Post – his batteries will be available in all outposts. He’s also talking with few other major networks of press stands, supermarkets and gas stations.

It’s not been made without a reason that in the name of the company there is “euro” – Bojwani wishes to conquer European markets and he’s got all possible certificates for this purpose. Still it will be Poland, where company headquarters, as well as distribution center will be located. “We are pround to be a Polish company” – underlines Bojwani. His, or to be exact, his family’s investments in Poland he values for much over few milion USD. “But I hope this is just the beginnging” – he reserves...

Business Week Magazine Poland, November 2005

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Eurobatt is a private Polish trade-manufacturing company, running on Polish and EU markets. Company currently is implementing its offer, consisting of new line of dry cell batteries under Eurobatt brand. Vast range of products, created under the strict norms of ISO 9001, includes five main battery types: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V. All these types come in 3 product families: Alkaline Plus, Super Heavy Duty and Max Power. During the year offer will expand – lithium and rechargable batteries will be introduced.

Shopping Center Magazine, September 2005

Eurobatt wants to acquire 2% of battery market

Eurobatt, manufacturer of batteries, plans to reach 1,5-2 % of share in Polish battery market. Company has been present on Polish market for more than a year, in autumn wants to enter, with its offer, to super and hypermarkets, backing up with intensive advertising campain. “Currently our batteries can be bought in E.Leclerc network, but we are very advanced in negotiations with other major networks” – says Bojwani, Eurobatt’s President. “Furthermore, this year we plan an extension of our offer by adding lithium batteries and rechargables as well.”

Tradepress, June 2005

Eurobatt is a new brand on the bartery market. Their producer – Eurobatt company based in Warsaw, wants firstly to implement sales in Poland, then in all European countries.

Eurobatt offers 5 most popular battery types: AA, AAA, R14, R20, 9V. All these are available in 3 lines: Alkaline Plus, Super Heavy Duty, Max Power. During the year offer will be extended by lithium and rechargable batteries. Company wants to gain customers by offering long lifetime products, but at much lower prices than the American or Japanese competitors. Decision to march into this market is dictated by growing popularity of battery operated devices such as portable CD players, MP3 players, digital cameras or wireless phones. For example demand for digital cameras has increased more than 16% and for electric toothbrushes 18%, in the last 3 years. 3 day delivery term made the company settle in Poland.

Zycie Handlowe, May 2005